Small Scale Vegetable and Herb Growing

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Growing vegetables and herbs on a small scale is perfectly possible for people who have little or no outside space but it does need a bit of creativity and some care with planting around the seasons. Here we'll run though a few ideas that might start you thinking about growing [...]

Raised Beds for Vegetables

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Raised bed gardening has a lot of benefits for many people and can increase the production capacity of a garden so if you are embarking on a garden landscape project that will include fruit or vegetable planting it's well worth considering them. Raised Beds Benefit Gardeners and Gardens The main [...]

Garden Structures For Soft Fruit

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Landscape gardening can encompass fruit and vegetable as well as ornamental plants and trees. With the economic climate cooling many more people are turning to producing their own food in their gardens, so if it can be blended in with the ornamental aspects of a garden then so much the [...]

Separating Vegetables from Flowers

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Landscaping a garden so that there is a separate area for vegetables is an aesthetic and practical choice rather than a horticultural one. Although there are benefits to having flowers and vegetables in the same area, benefits we'll talk more about later on, not everyone wants to look out of [...]

High Density Vegetable Growing

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If you're serious about vegetable production then your garden landscape plan could include a polytunnel, a giant version of a cloche that's big enough to stand up in. Like a greenhouse, but significantly cheaper, this large tunnel of hoops covered in taut translucent plastic sheeting makes plants of all kinds [...]

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