Professional Gardening Care

Many householders get great enjoyment out of garden care. They enjoy creating, developing and maintaining their garden and professional garden care is something they wouldn’t even contemplate. But for every one of those people there are many others who either don’t have the time to spend on garden care, or would prefer to spend their time doing other things.

For those people there are professionals who will take care of their garden for a price. The professional services available range from a casual arrangement with a gardener to a full-blown landscape gardening service.

Casual Gardeners

Casual gardeners are a very useful resource even for people who do enjoy taking care of their garden. People might find some of the work difficult, particularly with advancing years. It’s useful to have someone on tap who can help with some of the harder tasks like pruning and clearing at the end of winter or disposing of leaves and other debris in the autumn.

For people who want someone to take care of their garden on an ongoing basis a casual gardener will be able to look after the average house garden by visiting once or twice a month. The visits will be more frequent in the spring and summer growth periods and less often in the winter. You can reduce the cost of a gardener if you take on the job of mowing the lawn as that will take up most of their time in the summer months.

Costs and Finding a Gardener

The amount you pay will usually be an hourly rate but this will vary wildly, depending on the demand in your area and the reputation of the person you choose. If you are the one making the decisions and telling them what to do on each visit then you can pay less than if you give over complete control.

Look in local shop windows for cards advertising for gardeners but at the same time beware of people who don’t know what they are doing and are just looking to create an extra source of income. Personal recommendation is best but if you aren’t able to find someone this way then agree with potential gardeners that you’ll use them for a trial period at first, say a month. This gives you both the option to back out if it transpires that you don’t get on, or if they are not as good as you expect them to be.

Garden Care Companies

If you have a larger garden or you really want to just hand it over to someone else and not worry about it then you might be better off employing a landscape gardening service or other professional garden care company. A company should have people who have horticultural training and can be relied on to do whatever’s necessary to keep the garden in top condition. They will refer to you for decisions about how you want the garden to look or new plants, but that’s all, if that’s what you want.

You will pay more but the advantage is that you don’t have to do anything. Also if someone cannot get to you as arranged they will have other people who can step in. With a casual gardener if they are ill or away there’s no backup.

Finding the Right Company

Again personal recommendation is the best way to find a professional garden care company. Otherwise look at cards in shop windows or local advertising magazines and directories to find companies and ask them to come round and discuss your needs.

Again with a company like this it’s worth agreeing a trial period so that you can both see how you the arrangement works. With professional garden care you should be able to relax and simply enjoy your garden without any effort.