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With the traditional love of gardening in the British Isles and the more recent focus on making the garden an extension of the house there’s never been a better time to consider landscaping your garden.

How to Fell a Tree

September 27, 2010|0 Comments

Now any article that tells you how to do something that can be very dangerous is bound to start with a serious health warning, right? And this article is no different. Health and Safety Warning No one can learn to [...]

A Tropical Garden Landscape

September 27, 2010|0 Comments

Many gardeners are astounded at the appearance of tropical landscapes and plants in the most unlikely places. It's perhaps understandable in the very southernmost parts of the United Kingdom but many tropical plants can be grown successfully further north, as [...]

Turf or Seed for a New Lawn?

September 27, 2010|0 Comments

Lawns have been a focal point for landscape gardening for centuries, whether they are neatly striped, billiard-table flat lawns behind a house or the rolling expanses of parkland made popular by Capability Brown and his followers in the eighteenth century. [...]

Landscaping for Driveways

September 3, 2010|0 Comments

Landscaping around a driveway is important to keep kerb appeal high, particularly if you are about to sell a property. Assuming that you aren't the owner of a baronial hall then your driveway is going to be quite short, so [...]

Using Garden Design Software

March 24, 2010|0 Comments

Garden design software used to be the province of professional gardeners and landscapers but such is the ferocious march of technology that excellent packages are now within easy reach. An ordinary modern PC is perfectly capable of handling the load [...]

Large Area Garden Landscaping

March 19, 2010|0 Comments

Most of the time when we think about landscape gardening we're thinking of ordinary gardens, the type that any normal family would have behind their house. But there are places that have much larger gardens, or perhaps paddocks or fields [...]

Potting Shed or Greenhouse?

March 3, 2010|1 Comment

What if you're into gardening but there's only room for one building in your garden; do you make it a potting shed or a greenhouse? What is the difference between the two and what are the pros and cons of [...]

Ramps and Paths for Wheelchair Access

September 10, 2009|5 Comments

Adding ramps and paths that allow wheelchair users to access a garden is getting more common. Wheelchair access for private gardens can be tricky particularly if there are steep gradients on the plot, but the body of knowledge on accessibility [...]

Professional Gardening Care

September 4, 2009|0 Comments

Many householders get great enjoyment out of garden care. They enjoy creating, developing and maintaining their garden and professional garden care is something they wouldn't even contemplate. But for every one of those people there are many others who either [...]